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The War Room: Go Inside Michigan State Football
Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr.  @HondoCarpenter
Thanks Hondo!
No mention of transfers, good so far.
Brother Hondo:

1. Thank you for your product - always enjoy every sentence.

2. I have a lot of respect for how Coach goes about his business. I’ve only met him once in passing. I’ve studied him though for years now. I would be willing to bet the house that the reason why he didn’t make his assistants available is that Coach wanted to be the one to take the heat. I can’t fault him for that and I don’t think there is a definitive “clear cut” or “black or white” strategy. Lots of gray.

3. Winning tends to solve a lot of problems and we will win this year. This team will contend for the Big Ten East Division.
Dan love your optimism!
After reading of the OL improvements I would agree with you. I was hoping that this part of the coaching shuffle would pay off and it seems that it has. We were not that far off from being great last year. If we had an offense that was just bad and not one of the worst in the country we would have won a lot more games. That's not that high of a threshold to get to this year
I've got a new nickname for Dan...Chicago Dan-tonio     Cool Big Grin

We all hope you're right, Dan. I just don't share your unvarnished optimism. 
Joe Polasek- Former Producer, Spartan Nation Radio
Lansing, MI
I'm cautiously optimistic about the upcoming season. The offense can only be better if for no other reason than because it can't be any worse. The part of the report that concerns me is that we are struggling so badly to get 2020 recruits from in state. There is a growing feeling out there, and it is being spread by opposing coaches recruiting the same kids that this may be Dantonio's last year. If it is, who will succeed him? It is likely not something that really concerns people in this group because we assume that it will be someone very capable, but it does concern a recruit and his parents more than it probably should. All the other stuff that has been going on at MSU doesn't help.

- You are very accurate in your assessment of last season. We were in every game. All we need in 2019 is a competent offense. “Competent” is the key word. Notice I am not saying “Outstanding” or “Lights Out” or “High Scoring” or “Excellent.”

Just think about every game last season we lost. In each of those games, all the offense basically had to do was score one more TD or have one or two more possessions where they selfishly kept the ball.

Competent !


- See what I wrote above.

- I’m an outsider and I realize there are insiders on here. Coach has done incredible things at MSU. Things that I never thought were possible. I think he has one more BTC in him.

- I watch all of Hondo’s player/coach interviews, I read a lot, I watched the Spring game at least twice, our initial recruits for 2020 are superb, etc. As an outsider I get the vibe of optimism. I think 2019 is on Brian.

- I’m going down with Coach on his ship. The man has earned it.

For all of the old schoolers on the site, have a meaningful Good Friday. I’ll be shutting down between 12n-3p.

Go State ! Pound Green Pound !

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