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The War Room:  Go Inside Michigan State Football
Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr.  @HondoCarpenter
QB issues are going to hold this team back in 2019. Better hope Lewerke figures it out or that someone steps up. Either way I’m tempering expectations until we hit big ten play and see what we really look like.

And this is why the staff issues are so important. And why it’s malfeasance people haven’t been fired. There’s no QB development (and Samuels gets a promotion for that!?). Here’s to hoping Warner is motivated enough to fix Lewerke. Not getting my hopes up given his inability to develop RB’s in his last role. Which is another major hole.
Terrance got a seriously raw deal. No doubt. It’s noce to hear other coaches talk about how strange they thought the demotion was. And the pay scales not shifting with duties...ugh...
Joe Polasek- Former Producer, Spartan Nation Radio
Lansing, MI
The whole salary structure has been out of wack the whole time. Everyone from the ol coach  to the offensive coordinator has been within shouting distance  of eachother salary wise the while time. The reason we cant pay top dollar  for an offensive coordinator  is because  we pay 400k for all our positions  coaches. Where most schools put the big money at the top and as you go down the coaching tree the position coaches make significantly less, we are all bunched up in the middle salary wise.
Great stuff Hondo! Terry did get a raw deal but Imo the receivers performed badly. I thought they did too much dancing at the line of scrimmage and your rarely saw separation. Now, maybe that's on the QB or the talent at the receiver position isn't there. Now, I'm not at practice, I'm basing this on what my eyes saw in games. They definitely didn't get separation during the redox game which only confirmed what I saw during the season.

The fact Lewerke is giving the keys to the offensive and doesn't have to compete is bizarre to say the least. This doesn't set a good precedence in the locker room.
Quote:At some point in time, you can't keep resting on what you've done in the past but what have you done lately.  Cool

[Image: 2Lv66hq.jpg]

Well, I was hoping for better news than that. We'll see how this shapes out next year.

Does it bother anyone else that there are players/coaches inside the building who seem to be "upset"? I was hoping that there was more cohesion and chemistry within the team. Maybe I read too much into it.
I hope Salem ends up being a home run OC, then most of the coaching issues are solved as the rest of the team is now more appropriately positioned to the expertise now. This solution may not have been my first choice, but do not really know much about Salem. Salem vs doing the Canada type hire thing has some advantages in continuity. A revolving door may have been initiated by making a sweeping change and one look at Ann Arbor over the last decade shows how damaging that can be.

Other problems I saw this year have mostly been beaten into the ground except one , wide receiver routes. Was speed our problem, or did the other teams simply know where everybody was headed so as to cover them easily? I think a little of both, but more of the latter. I hope this is one issue that is fixed right off the bat.

One other thing, I would have looked into a transfer QB with a good selection of them available this year, like a Jalen Hurts. If BL can recover to former form, awesome, he is a super player. If he cannot, we could be looking at another poor offense next year. I have faith in CMD, and he has more info to make decisions on, but hedging your bets is something I learned to do in investing. Nothing has been hedged, we are all in with the same cast next year and not much that can be changed other than fixing the scheme/fundamentals and/or some unknown younger players emerging.
[quote pid='11086' dateline='1547321189']
Does it bother anyone else that there are players/coaches inside the building who seem to be "upset"? I was hoping that there was more cohesion and chemistry within the team. Maybe I read too much into it.

I am starting to question the coaching cohesion.  Do not think it is at the JLS era or any where close to those years.  It is a concern
The Big Ten East is up for grabs right now. The balance of power in the league is up in the air with changes at OSU, a new QB at PSU, top end QBs transferring into the league, and maybe changes to come at Michigan, and MSU's play was the coaching musical chairs?

No one was terminated. Not Warner, since he was at the top, and not one position coach. Not his co-coordinator, no one. A couple guys were demoted, including the WR coach, who somehow got the short end of the stick, like he was throwing balls to the WRs wildly off target last year.

This was MSU's reaction? I'm sure the other teams in the East are feeling a lot better about themselves after MSU's reaction. Time will tell if they're right.
Spartan Nation Senior Contributor 

What most people define as the "stubbornness" of Coach D should be more aptly defined as "pure faith". Coach D's moves both with coaches and players, in the face of a mounting disillusionment by fans and alumni, are the signs of a person who can "see" (with the "eyes of faith") what others are "blind" to.

I will go out on a limb and predict that either Coach D does indeed "see" things we don't and the 2019 team will defy all odds and produce a "miraculous" run OR the team will crash and burn to John L. and Bobby Williams era levels of ineptitude/dissension.

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