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  Around The World of College Football & Top 25 Week Four!
Posted by: Hondo - 2 hours ago - Forum: Phalanx Forum - No Replies


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  The Good, The Bad and the Ugly With Michigan State Spartan Football Week Four!
Posted by: Hondo - 3 hours ago - Forum: Phalanx Forum - No Replies


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  Real Talk About Michigan Wolverine Football with Super Fan/TV Star Seth Gold!
Posted by: Hondo - 3 hours ago - Forum: Phalanx Forum - No Replies


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  Game Day Experience
Posted by: PoorRetailer21 - 10 hours ago - Forum: Phalanx Forum - Replies (2)

This a response to all who have been complaining about game day issues at MSU. On Saturday my son and I arrived at about 11 AM.
 As has been our habit the past 17 years or so we chose to park on top of the parking facility between the Law Building and the
 Planetarium choosing a spot facing the stadium. Next to us were 3 guys approximately 45-50 years old already drinking heavily and
 lining up approximately 20 empty bottles on the ledge wall. They were using a 30-40 year old sound system that was turned up so load
 that they needed to shout at each other to hear while standing face to face. No exaggeration. They proceeded to act like total morons
 while trying to recreate their glory days at MSU. I was embarrassed for them. My son (36) just shook his head.

 Soon others parked in the area began to approach them to ask that they respect their neighbors by turning down the sound so
 that everyone could enjoy the day. Being already inebriated they complied by turning it down barely a fraction of what was needed and
 laughed about it. After two hours of this and bottles being blown off the ledge and breaking with no effort to pick up the pieces I went
 and found the State Police to complain. They drove up the ramp and immediately confronted the jerks. They complied and picked up
 the broken bottles while being watched. The officers then approached everyone in the area to apologize and encouraged them to let
 them know if things changed. The 3 guys acted as though their rights had been violated. After all, they paid twenty bucks to park in
 that spot...

 Moving down the street we encountered adults grilling, having a good time and treating others and the property with respect. We also
 passed by people trashing the property without any sense of respect or responsibility. Clearly there is a different attitude out there.
 Stadium security is tight. Very tight. Everyone is searched and questioned outside of the new gates prior to entry. It must be
 necessary or they wouldn't do it.

 Inside the stadium it is inevitable that you end up with some jerk(s) around you that can't shut up. They think it is their job to try
 to entertain everyone. The barrage of promotion and advertising is endless. Combined with play stoppages and commercial TO's it
 is exhausting. The seats are small and leg room is minimal. (I'm 6'5 220) The whole thing has become overwhelming. In the old
 days your team game may be telecast a couple times a season. Now all games are. With the equipment available today, it is such
 a better experience to watch at home or meet a few friends at a sports bar. It's not MSU's fault. They're trying to make it enjoyable
 while maintaining needed control. Times have changed, people have changed. We are in the era of entitlement.

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  Mark Dantonio Sunday Nigh Press Conference After Watching Film Of Loss to ASU!
Posted by: Hondo - Yesterday, 12:15 AM - Forum: Phalanx Forum - Replies (3)


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  Raequan Williams Michigan State Football DT Post Loss to ASU
Posted by: Hondo - Yesterday, 12:15 AM - Forum: Phalanx Forum - No Replies


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  David Dowell Michigan State Football S Post Loss to ASU
Posted by: Hondo - Yesterday, 12:14 AM - Forum: Phalanx Forum - No Replies


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  Say yes or no coach
Posted by: B1G Ball Buster - 09-15-2019, 08:09 PM - Forum: Phalanx Forum - Replies (20)

Hondo has told you all the entire off season that he keeps hearing from people inside the U and coaches outside of Michigan state that dantonio is going to retire after signing day. I'm telling you the players all believe hes done at the end of this year. Coach needs to let some of the steam out of the tea kettle if it's true and announce it. Or come out say it's not true. It's not good internally.

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  Some of my thoughts....
Posted by: PoorRetailer21 - 09-15-2019, 03:23 PM - Forum: Phalanx Forum - Replies (21)

I was there and it was ugly! A struggling team can't overcome horrific officiating. I've never seen worse than what I saw yesterday. Every
 significant game altering call was against us. There was huge indecision out there by the officiating crew. I understand that the ASU
 coaching staff was working the officials the entire game. It was a PAC 12 crew.

 ASU is athletic. Much more so than WMU, and extremely well coached. Great staff. Lots of players from Texas and California. They  
 were ready to play and we weren't. Lewerke admitted in the PC that practices were somewhat lackadaisical all week. How can this be
 when your HC is coaching this game to break a record at the school?
 I've been going to MSU football games since I was a young guy in the 60's. We've always had teams that win games we shouldn't and
 lose games that we should win like yesterday. Despite this staff's best effort to change that, it still exists. When expectations are high
 MSU most often lays an egg. We've always been a better underdog.

 The stadium was stunned yesterday. People just stood there silently. Few people left for about 15 minutes or so. Few people including
 our coaching staff expected this loss. The atmosphere was like letting the air out of a giant balloon.

 The prevent defense needs to go. I'm convinced that we would have stopped ASU if we had remained aggressive up front. Their QB
 had way too much freedom on the last drive. Our spy must have got lost...

 The MD era is coming to a close. It's time to hand off the baton to the next guy before it's too late. Start laying the groundwork now.
 Come up with five or so solid HC prospects and establish their interest confidentially.

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  Shawn Windsor, Detroit Free Press great article
Posted by: SpartanSports - 09-15-2019, 06:12 AM - Forum: Phalanx Forum - No Replies

Mark Dantonio couldn't get out of his own — and Michigan State football's — way

It’s hard to remember a more brutal loss than what happened to Michigan State football Saturday afternoon at Spartan Stadium.  
It’s also hard to know what Mark Dantonio was thinking when the play clock was ticking down and his team was waiting for him to make a decision. 
Eighteen … 17 … 16 …  
Michigan State trailed by three against Arizona State Saturday evening when the Spartans moved the ball to the Sun Devils’ 26. 

It was first down. MSU had no timeouts. Eleven seconds remained in the game. Or: enough time to take a shot in the end zone. If it doesn’t work, an incomplete pass stops the clock and the kicking unit sprints onto the field to try to tie the game and send it to overtime. 

Yet Dantonio couldn’t decide. So, he stood there. His offense, which had struggled again but was finally moving the ball, stood there, too. 

Fifteen … 14 … 13 … 
Finally, Dantonio sent out his kicking team. The ball was snapped. The kick flew through the uprights.  And Matt Coghlin, who’d already missed two field goals, made amends. 
Until a flag dropped. MSU had 12 players on the field. 

But don’t blame the players. Dantonio’s indecisiveness got in the way. 

And when Coghlin had to kick again — from five yards farther back — he missed. Don’t blame the kicker, either.

Again, blame the coach. He froze.  
And it cost MSU a win. 

"Initially we were going to try to take a shot (to the end zone)," Dantonio said. "And then I said hey, 'let’s kick it.' If we catch the ball and we’re not in the end zone, the game is probably over."

It's also probably over if the ball is caught in the end zone. The gamble works both ways. 
For everything he has done at MSU, and he’s done enough to get him a win away from history, Dantonio’s stubbornness can still get him. 

Playing it conservatively when MSU had a chance to ice the game, for example, the Spartans ran on first and second downs before trying a third-down pass.  

Or taking too long to decide that Elijah Collins is the best running back on the team. Or insisting on sitting him to spread the ball to runners without Collins’ gifts. 
Twice against ASU, Dantonio and his offensive coordinator, Brad Salem, called for runs to Connor Heyward and second-and-longs. Predictably, the plays went nowhere.  

That’s fine. Not every play is going to go some place. But giving an offense its best chance is critical when the offense lacks a certain kind of dynamic play.  

Still, the game was there to win in the most Dantonio of ways. The defense had been dominant, save for a few personal foul penalties and the late drive in which ASU scored its only touchdown. And the offense finally got moving in the fourth. 

And scored its first touchdown in a way that would’ve fit snugly into a history-making win.  

After another dominant defensive series, ASU punted to the Spartans’ steadiest receiver, Cody White, who got the return job because of an injury to Jalen Nailor. 
White caught the kick and slipped down the right side of the field, dodging defenders all the way to the Sun Devils’ 35. A holding penalty nullified the return and MSU had to start at its own 30. Meanwhile, White ran off the field holding his left arm.

So here they were, the best receiver hurt on the sideline, two offensive linemen down to injury, an uneasy crowd, and an offense that had moved the ball but still didn’t look completely sure of itself. 

Now the offense had just lost nearly 40 yards of field position because of a penalty.  

Collins started the drive with a two-yard run. With White sidelined, Dantonio called on freshman receiver Julian Barnett, a rangy, speedy playmaker who offers a different kind of dynamism than the steadier veterans. 
On second-and-8, Lewerke hit Barnett on a slant and the freshman burst through a seam, leaned left, then back right, and rolled down the field like a tornado over the plains. It was startling, and fair to wonder why Barnett doesn’t get more opportunity in games. 

The next play, Barnett jumped before the ball was snapped. MSU moved back five yards. The freshman went back to the sideline.  


Maybe Barnett isn’t ready in every way. But he sure looks ready in the essential way: talent. 

And if that’s frustrating — to see glimpses of speed and dynamism from players Dantonio stashes on the sideline — well, that’s how he runs his program. It’s worked.  


It just hasn’t as much lately. Even though White returned and caught a pass and MSU marched into the end zone on the strength of Darrell Stewart’s route-running and Collins’ running. Even though Dantonio's way gave his stellar defense a chance to protect a 7-3 lead and win the game.

MSU could've won. Should've won.  
If the coach would stop taking his foot off the gas.

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